Cagliari, la Sardaigne: une île de la Méditerranée

locandina-parigi-unescoIX Edition Special Event “Cagliari, la Sardaigne: une île de la Méditerranée” take place in the UNESCO of Paris on 24 november 2016.






The Event “Cagliari, la Sardaigne: une île de la Méditerranée”, special guest Claudia Cardinale, Marisa Berenson, Macha Meril, Caterina MURINO, want to unite different countries and different cultures with the force of the music.

Gianluca Marcia, Claudia Cardinale, Cristian Marcia - Maison de l'UNESCO di Parigi
Gianluca Marcia, Claudia Cardinale, Cristian Marcia – Maison de l’UNESCO di Parigi


The intent is to create a cultural connection between Europe and Mediterranean Countries. This connection is represented by the Music and the City of Cagliari.

The International Music Academy of Cagliari embodies The Festival’s and the Academy’s commitment to encourage exceptional young artists. 
It provides a unique opportunity for extraordinary musicians to participate in masterclasses with pre-eminent teachers, to exchange creative ideas and to perform together in beautiful surroundings.We invite more than 300 students each year to take part in our activities.
 Members of the public can experience their efforts through public workshops, chamber music concerts and recital performances.

The Academy also offers awards and bursaries to particularly talented participants.
We believe that our support and promotion of these young people will create the musical stars of the future.
In this same vein, we are extending the activities of the Academy through performing opportunities outside Cagliari.



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